Community Corrections Professional of the Year

FACC recognizes the importance of acknowledging outstanding performance within the field of community corrections. Whether an employee is a Probation Officer, Front Desk, Support Personnel, Supervisor or Manager (just to name a few positions), ALL employees regardless of title, play a vital role in an agency’s success.  This year, even though the Institute will be virtual, we will be presenting the award.  Therefore, the Nominations Committee is asking for nominations from Directors of staff that exemplify this award. The criteria to be considered when making an employee nomination is as follows:

Outstanding Contribution to the Agency

Career / Professional History

Current Duties / Responsibilities

Community Involvement

Professional Organizations / Affiliations

Recognitions / Commendations

Letters of Support – Please provide 3 letters from those in professional positions within the criminal justice field.

The nomination should include information on each of the areas listed above.  The deadline for nomination submission is June 15, 2021. Please submit your nomination via email to [email protected], along with any questions you may have.